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Nose Surgery

Communication between the patient and the plastic surgeon before carrying out the operation of sticking the nose, plays an important role in equating the perception and expectations of the desired outcome. Good communication can also prevent complications after nose surgery. Nasal surgery or in the medical world known as rhinoplasty is any surgical procedure performed on the nose area, not just a surgery to make a nose plunge that is popular among the people. This article will discuss the preparations, actions, treatments, and complications of nose surgery. But it helps you get to know the various types of nose surgery first. Types of Nose Surgery One of the goals of a person undergoing nose surgery is to enhance their appearance and increase self-confidence. Some actions that can be done to beautify your nose are: Sharpening the nose surgery Surgery is performed to increase the height of the nasal trunk by inserting solid silicon or cartilage in the nose. Rhinoplasty in In
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Constipation during Fasting and the Solution

There are several common diseases that occur when fasting. One of them is difficult bowel movements or constipation. Constipation during fasting is often caused by lack of drinking, but also because of changes in diet and activity. To relieve constipation complaints and prevent them from coming back, there are a number of things you can do. Constipation or constipation is a difficult condition that is characterized by CHAPTER frequency less than 3 times a week. In addition, constipation sufferers also often experience complaints of stool that feels hard, a lump in the anus, and must push to remove the stool. Causes of Constipation during the Fasting Month In a study of 900 healthy people who fasted during Ramadan, it is known that fasting can increase the risk of constipation significantly. This study revealed that the risk of severe constipation can increase in people who are fasting for more than two weeks. Lack of knowledge about the types of foods that are good for consumpti

Characteristics of Healthy Physical and Spiritual Children

Healthy children certainly become the dream of every parent. The definition of healthy, not only seen from the physical aspect, but also spiritually (mental health). To ensure that the child's condition is healthy and well, parents need to recognize the characteristics of a healthy child physically and spiritually. Various ways for parents to make their baby healthy children. Starting from bringing a child for routine health check-ups to the pediatrician, completing immunizations, and providing nutrition to support growth and development. So that health problems and growth and development can be detected as quickly as possible, parents need to know the characteristics of a healthy child in terms of physical as well as mental. Characteristics of a Healthy Child Physical A physically healthy child means that the child is in top physical condition with good growth. The characteristics of a physically healthy child, including: Active in physical activity Physical activity i